Roofing & Waterproofing

Existing Conditions Evaluations- Roof Survey

We start our examination by listening to our client's perspective on the history and previous performance characteristics of the roofing system. Additionally, we conduct a digital photo survey of all the roof's functional components. From the history, the photos, and our experience, we extract pertinent information that is formulated into a structured report presentation.

A Patterson Consulting roof condition survey has several detail levels of key information. These include: an overview of the existing construction; a detailed description of deviation conditions with causative explanations and photographic confirmation; recommended corrective action procedures; capitalization estimates; and a full layout drawing indicating deviation locations.

Specification Design and Development

 We will develop a complete set of specifications for new roofing system installations and re-roof projects. The plans are constructed from industry-standard and proprietary formats to include all the information necessary for the desired result. 

Our specifications utilize our experience in the industry to detail an exact description of what the construction should be. Optionally, we can also provide bid documents and other performance criteria, for a complete specification package for presentation to contractors.

RoofPlan™ - CAD Layout and Detail Drawings

Our drawings complement our Existing Condition Evaluations and Specification Design by graphically defining exactly how implementation of the plan will produce the desired result. 

The RoofPlan™ layout drawing shows the outline of the roof and adjoining construction, placement and size of interior penetrations, insulation diagram and assembly criteria, and membrane layout diagram. The Detail Drawings correlate to specific areas of the layout drawings and clarify the exact requirements to assemble materials.


Quality Management and Assurance

Our roof quality assurance service insures that your organization will have an experienced roof specialist present during the installation provide detailed documentation of the work. We note weather conditions, crew size and composition, construction technique, materials, and an array of additional observations that are important to you and a desired construction result.

System Failure Analysis

After the failure of a roofing system or individual roofing component, Patterson Consulting can determine the causative factors responsible.  

As analytical roofing specialists, we perform a complete evaluation of building and roofing system design, consider weather conditions, component attributes, and other contributing factors to the damage in order to draw a conclusion about the probable cause of failure. We also utilize material samples and lab support to supplement our findings and to zero-in on conditions that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

Contractor & Bid Assessment

Together with our client, we evaluate the performance capability of prospective contractors. This consideration factors several criteria, such as system experience, company size, equipment, performance history, quality commitment, management style, certifications, insurance, bonding, and associations, to identify a few. 

We have a sound understanding of the contractor function and are not affiliated with any contractor organization, so that we can be completely impartial and serve our client interests exclusively.

Specification & Bid Evaluation

Because we develop the specifications and bid documents ourselves, we are uniquely qualified to review and comment on documents provided by others. We are focused on roofing; therefore, we can offer a perspective that will enhance and build upon the most intricate of plans. Our service dramatically increases the opportunity for a successful project conclusion.

Infrared Moisture Identification

We perform infrared moisture scanning as a separate enhanced service to other consulting services. Our use of specialized equipment accurately identifies areas of wet roof construction material. We are also able to determine the origin of hard to find leak conditions. 

Wet construction materials facilitate temperature transfer, thereby negating the insulation capacity of the construction. Poor insulating capacity wastes heating and cooling investment by allowing temperature to migrate at an accelerated rate between two opposing environments. Excessive moisture entrapment may also lead to degradation of adjoining construction products.

Dew Point Calculation & Analysis

Dew point calculation and analysis is achieved by securing specific existing condition data. We take into consideration building humidity readings, air infiltration and ventilation, insulation factors, and ambient temperatures to conclude our findings. Specific recommendations are then made regarding proper management of existing condensation phenomena and the particular construction criteria necessary for optimal system performance.